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It's interesting. Mom was pointing out to me yesterday evening while we were at the park that she doesn't think that one particular dog, Oscar, has been back to the park at all since he randomly attacked Gilbert one day. It was completely unprovoked, and everybody was shocked at the time. Oscar was never that well behaved in terms of following commands, but still. Not coming back at all is impressive.

Of course, the Fuzzucket does seem to be fairly liked by most everybody who comes. It's rather hard to not like him, assuming you don't fear dogs. He's just a giant living teddy bear. I love how people in the neighborhood will come out of the house, or else stop driving in the middle of the street, to say hello to him. It's terrific, especially since I can guarantee you nobody would have even thought to do that for most of our previous dogs, even if we were somehow out walking them. Getting to know neighbors is a grand bonus that came with getting Gilbert. Having to get out and walk him 2x/day no matter the weather or how ragged we feel, not as much. But he really is a love.

Give me another year, folks, and I'm going to turn even more into one of those people whose phone is full of pics of their dog, talks mostly about them, and generally makes fools of themselves to keep the muttly happy.
HA! I'm long since there.


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