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nxnw ([personal profile] nxnw) wrote2017-04-26 06:19 am

Everyone look to the left

Because I'm never going to be just right...

My DW profile is still incredibly lacking in just about any/every way. I guess I'm subconsciously more reluctant to leave Lj and all the memories attached than I had realized. That or I'm just as equally bad at follow-through as I've been lately; not sure which.

Anyway, I need to edit my Lj profile to announce that it's going into stasis, and that my DW will be picking up whatever type of activity I do manage to do. I'm not sure why I chose Shakespeare this time as inspiration for my username (courtesy of Hamlet: I am but mad north-northwest) whereas I've been using the Louis Carol/Jaberwocky lines for the past several years.
Maybe because I want a shift?
Maybe because I have the Hamlet verse stuck in my head more than I'd like?

Anyway... later potaters